15 All Natural Silver Vine Cat-Snack Sticks

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 Cat Teeth Cleaning Sticks That your Critter Will Love!

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  • Cats love them!
  • Removes harmful plaque and tartar through exfoliation
  • Stimulates olfactory enrichment
  • Helps socialize timid cats 
  • Keeps cats occupied during transportation
  • Promotes activeness and gastrointestinal mobility

The Actinidia polygama or Silver vine (also called Matatabi) has long been known to elicit a euphoric response in cats. It is the most popular cat treat in Asia. The reaction to Silver vine is similar to the response from Catnip and is a great alternative as many cats, which do not react to catnip, respond positively to Silver vine. About 80% of all cats respond favorably to Matatabi. Silver vine, while giving your cat hours of enjoyment, will also serve to clean their teeth. The roots help cats improve their dental hygiene by getting rid of harmful plaque and tartar via exfoliation. It is 100% safe, Matatabi roots are the most popular natural chews and contains six compounds that stimulate olfactory enrichment.

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Material: Natural Matatabi
Size: 12X0.5cm/4.72*0.2"
Quantity: 15pcs